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Elementary School

The Elementary School is a caring environment that nurtures each boy's love for learning while challenging them to be creative, curious, and caring individuals.

Led by our Assistant Principal, Ms. Barbara Seppelt, our Kindergarten to Grade 6 program focuses on fundamental skills such as language, arts, science, numeracy, and physical education. Our program is enhanced by focusing on developing each boy's personal and spiritual growth and social-emotional learning and providing additional support and assistance to give each boy a more personalized experience.
We believe in a strong partnership with parents to make a lasting impact in your son's education. As partners, we share the responsibility of students’ success and ensure you that our faculty and staff will support our students to achieve their highest potential. 
Barbara Seppelt, Assistant Principal


Our Kindergarten program fosters the development of the whole child. The learning experience is integrated with play, where the boys discover their love for learning, cultivate their curiosity, encourage problem-solving skills and acquire skills necessary to thrive in the primary levels and outside of the classroom. 


The primary years are important building blocks in a child's learning. Our students continue to make meaningful connections with their classmates through play and discovery. They build self-confidence and become independent learners while teachers provide an enriching and collaborative environment where they are challenged to be critical thinkers and creative writers.


In the intermediate years, the boys are encouraged to be spiritual, academic, and social leaders in their community. Students explore the world of arts, religion, sciences, politics, and history in-depth. Teachers fuel their curiosity and independence by encouraging them to ask questions, conduct investigations, and research ideas to find answers.

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