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Senior School

From Grade 10 to 12, the young men in the Senior School begin to prepare for life and their journey as Better Men outside of Vancouver College. They gain more independence and responsibility with their social, spiritual, and emotional growth. The young men are encouraged to advocate for themselves, be independent learners, and pursue their passions. 

Our Senior School program follows the British Columbia curriculum focused on academic rigour and excellence. Our program deepens student learning while fostering community engagement, and critical thinking in the classroom and beyond. Through the Advisory Program, co-curricular programs and our Learning and Wellness Centre support, students are encouraged to work hard and excel as they determine their passions. 

The Senior School is full of hope and promise, fostering good relationships and developing ideas, goals, and plans for the future. Each school year, we emphasize faith development and discerning God's plan in our lives, from which we derive purpose and lasting peace for our boys to grow into the man God intends.

Tasso Kanavos, Assistant Principal


Led by our Senior School Assistant Principal, Mr. Tasso Kanavos, our talented faculty empowers students to hone their strengths, talents and passions. The Senior School creates an environment that enables students to pursue high academic achievements, participate in spiritual retreats such as Emmaus, Pilgrimage and Encounter and be leaders in their communities. It is through participation in these transformational learning experiences that our boys will leave Vancouver College as Better Men. 

Program of studies


The Advisory Program was created to foster and deepen personal relationships and connections with classmates. Each advisory group consists of 15 to 16 students from Grades 10 to 12 who meet weekly to discuss various topics with their advisory teacher. This program enables teachers to develop unique learning opportunities and be the extra support students need throughout their school experience. 


Each student will choose a unique path after graduation, from continuing their studies at universities across North America and elsewhere in the world, working in their field of interest with the support of our Vancouver College Alumni Association, or taking some time off to continue to search for their passion. Regardless of their decision, our mission is for all our students to leave Vancouver College as Better Men, feeling more spiritually, academically, and socially fulfilled. 

During his time at Senior School, each young man will be encouraged to pursue his interests, challenge himself to try new things, and to explore his faith. The hope is for each student to continue developing as a whole person and engage with planning for life after VC with the help of his teachers, counsellors and peers. 

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