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100 Stories: A Celebration of Vancouver College’s 100 Years

VC100 Book

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In celebration of our centenary, we share 100 stories that chronicle the school's legacy of faith, service, and excellence. These stories connect us to the past and demonstrate our commitment to continuing the good work of all those who came before us in the Catholic education of youth for His greater glory.

We are grateful to all those who helped with this project including:

Researchers - Catherine Cleveland, Chantal Coschizza, Bruce Jagger, Kelly Lattimer, Joanne Lin, and Tony Gallagher (VC 1966)

Contributors  - Sheila Ang, Johnny Bevacqua, Dee Clarke, Maurizio Dattilo, Craig Erickson, Br. John Gale, Br. Charles Gattone, Karen Jung, Paul Legge, Joanne Lin, Sean Martinez (VC 1995), Anthony Murphy, John Nixon (VC 1969), Br. Peter O'Loughlin, Lilian Vernier, Margaret Vossen, and Daryl Weaver

Main Writers: Chantal Coschizza, Ronith Cogswell, and Bill Stormont

Editors - Ronith Cogswell and Celia Courchene

We invite you to visit our campus to fully appreciate the displays related to these stories. (Special thanks to our Display Team: Monica and David Morris, Alexia and Winston (VC 1984) Helgason)

21. Unity in Diversity

While Vancouver College primarily serves our Catholic community, the school also welcomes families from other faiths who equally value the power of faith in our secular world. The diversity of faiths that our students bring enriches our community in so many ways. 

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20. Record Books

By looking back at these Record Books from the 1920s to 1940s, we can see not only how student record keeping was done historically, but also the student care and attention that has always been a primary focus of Vancouver College

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73. High Performance Centre

Being a Fighting Irish student-athlete teaches students about success and failure, leadership and sacrifice, and how to find stamina and resilience when faced with challenges. Facilities like the High Performance Training Center ensure students can perform to their full potential, both on and off the field.”  

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51. The Finnegan

For students, the Finnegan, rich in history, goes beyond a call to play hard and win. This icon serves as a reminder that to be a true Fighting Irish, they must fight hard not only on the field and court, but also and support one another outside of their sporting endeavours.

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74. Mayfair

Mayfair is a Vancouver College signature event held each year, usually on the Saturday before Mothers Day. This event is as popular with the school community today as it was when it was first held in 1928.

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38. Our Mission Endures

Since 1922, Vancouver College has been educating boys and young men in an effort to develop their whole person - mind, body, and soul - for the service of others. Our compelling and unique Mission sets us apart from other schools, giving direction and purpose to all that we do as a faith and learning community. 

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55. Our Next Century

The Our Next Century Campaign story would not be complete without the 1,500 families and individuals whose support contributed to the success of the Campaign. With the Campaign and redevelopment project now behind, we reflect and are humbled with what we have. 

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54. The Pandemic

As quickly as the COVID-19 pandemic made its unwelcomed entrance into our world, the stories of humanity and care for one another within the VC community and beyond emerged with equal fervency and held us together.

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40. Faith in Action

In the early 2000s, VC faculty became more intentional in providing opportunities for our students to live out our values. With this undertaking in mind, student outreach programs were organized to place faith in action and make it a reality in our school community.

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63. Facere et Docere

The placement of the Christian Brothers crest, above the main entrance to Vancouver College, including the motto of the Christian Brothers - “Facere et Docere” - is a reminder to all in our Vancouver College community to do and to teach, to lead to Christ by example and word.

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96. Open House

Open House provides an annual opportunity for the school to throw open its doors and showcase all it has to offer to prospective students and their families and welcome those curious about what life at Vancouver College is like. 

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83. The Brothers' Farm

The 129-acre Jubilee Farm estate on 3900 Arthur Drive, formerly Slough Road, in Ladner was originally the home of Thomas and Annie McNeely.The Brothers and boarders, and occasionally the day students, enjoyed the fresh crops of produce they helped grow and harvest.

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77. The Bunker

Very few places on the Vancouver College campus are considered off limits. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if you didn’t even know that the Bunker exists or if you have perhaps heard about it, it’s likely you’ve never been inside it. 

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58. Walkathon

At the turn of Fall, as students and families relish in the last warm days and begin to settle into the routines of the new academic year, nothing quite gathers the spirit of the school community and mobilizes all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 like the Vancouver College Walkathon. 

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33. Finnegan Ball

The ultimate parents’ date night, Finnegan Ball seats parents in the same grade or same team together for a formal dinner. Away from the dinner table, guests dance to the live band, pose for a professional portrait, or bid on one-of-a-kind Vancouver College souvenirs, among other gifts at the silent auction. 

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27. Lee Wai

Known as a living legend and a treasure for the school, we remember Lee Wai as one of the longest-serving members of the Vancouver College community and as an institution in our kitchens.

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