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1973 - 1998

  • In the Spring, Student Council organizes the school’s first Walkathon generating $10,000 towards the library and debt reduction. Faculty and students walk 25 miles from Vancouver College to Stanley Park and back. In 1977, the event would move to the Fall and the distance shortened to 25 kilometres as Canada transitioned from imperial to metric system of measurements.



  • Principal: Br. James C. Bates



  • Principal: Br. M. Anthony Maher



  • The Junior Resident student dormitories on the third floor of McCormack Hall are closed and a faculty room, library, seminar room, and Elementary change room are built in its place.



  • In the Spring, the dull green field is transformed into a striking new athletic field with a six-lane rubberized asphalt track encircling a grass infield. In addition, wooden bleachers for 600 fans and the “bunker” located between the gym and the field are constructed.

    In the Summer, St. Michael’s Hall, the building that served as the Brothers’ residence since 1924, is torn down and replaced by a parking lot.



  • The new Brothers Residence, named in honour of Brother Walsh, who served as an administrator and teacher for 28 years, opens and is blessed on September 25th, together with the new track and grass field. O’Hagan Field is dedicated in memory of Frances O’Hagan, wife of Jimmy (VC 1925), Chair of the Vancouver College Foundation’s Jubilee Capital Campaign.



  • Principal: Br. P. Paul McNiven



  • The Vancouver College Varsity Track and Field team wins the Provincial Banner for the first time in school history.

    Principal: Br. John F. McHugh



  • The first Board of Directors at Vancouver College is formed to oversee the development of policies and long range plans for Vancouver College.



  • The residence for Senior Boarders in McCormack Hall is closed.



  • A federally-funded job training program at Vancouver College commences operations under the leadership of Brother McHugh. The program, which reflects the values and mission of the Christian Brothers, focuses on office skills, computer technical support, and business interactions, with the goal of helping job entrants obtain employment after program completion, which it did for 14 years until 2001.

    Principal: Br. Ken J. Farrell



  • The school creates “Middle School” for boys in Grades 7 to 9. Prior to this, there were only two: Elementary and High School, which in 1999 would change to Senior School.

    The Rowing program commences under the leadership of Terry Shea.



  • Vancouver College adds Kindergarten with morning and afternoon classes.

    On September 27th, a new 32,000 square foot building to house the Senior School, subsequently named Blessed Edmund Rice Hall, opens. Included in the new building are the Computer Lab with IBM computers, Art Rooms, Assembly Room, Weight Lifting Room, Job Training Facilities, and new office spaces.



  • The first Grade 12 Encounter Retreat weekend at Camp Stillwood is held in November and subsequent retreats are held in January and April that school year. This student-led peer ministry program, an off-shoot of the program at O’Dea High School in Seattle, is initiated under the guidance of Dan Isaac and Joe Rogers.



  • A Program for Concurrent Studies, whereby advanced students attend both the University of British Columbia and Vancouver College during the year, starts. A couple of years later, the first Advanced Placement courses are offered under the direction of Brother Leo Taylor.



  • Vancouver College is the first school to win the BC High School Football Championships at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Grade 8 levels in the same year.

    Principal: Br. Kieran J. Murphy



  • The Edmundian Association is formed under the leadership of Brother Justin Newman. Members of the Association, originally Senior students, serve in various capacities with the goal of unifying the school and encouraging brotherhood among the students.

    Irish Crew wins the school’s first gold medal in Rowing at the Annual Canadian Secondary Schools Championship Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario.



  • Under the leadership of Principal Brother Anthony Murphy, Vancouver College appoints its first female administrator, Barbara Seppelt, Assistant Principal of the Elementary School.

    Principal: Br. Anthony Murphy