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The Arts are essential to Vancouver College’s ability to impact students' growth and learning. Through visual arts, music and theatre, students are encouraged to find forms of artistic expression, avenues for collaboration, and various modes of understanding their own creativity. Throughout their time at the school, from Kindergarten until Grade 12, students are encouraged to tap into this aspect of themselves for the development of the whole person.


Walking around the halls of our three buildings, the artistic talents of our boys are on full display. The Visual Arts program offers a diverse curriculum to expand students' thinking through their imagination, exploration and creativity. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, boys are encouraged to experiment with sculpting, drawing, and painting (to name a few!). They learn to create art by following their intuition, creatively actualizing their ideas and emotions, and looking critically at the visual world around them.  



The Music Program at Vancouver College provides opportunities for boys to express themselves, gain confidence, hone their leadership skills and grow in their unique way. 

The Music Department has eleven musical ensembles for students in Grades 7 to 12. These groups travel internationally and provincially to compete in festivals. Through competition, our students learn shared responsibility, focus and the disciplines of rehearsals and performance. Our award-winning program allows students to experience top-quality musical events, including the Whistler Con Trio Music Festival and other occasions like the Annual Mayfair. In each of these opportunities, students not only gain confidence as performers but also gain opportunities to excel and achieve their highest potential.  



The Irene Manrell Theatre for Performing Arts provides the stage for students to discover and express their creative abilities and brings together people who share the same passion. Students explore a broad understanding of the performing arts and find their strengths and interests. Whether acting on stage in the school's production or working behind the scenes with costume and set design, students learn valuable life skills such as self-confidence, creative problem solving, and teamwork.

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