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Hall of Honour

The Vancouver College Hall of Honour recognizes and honours those persons, living or deceased, who, through their exemplary performance and achievements, reflect credit on the Vancouver College Community or who, through their service to Vancouver College, have made a significant positive impact on our community. The accomplishments of these deserving honourees serve as an inspiration to present-day students so they may identify with the past and, more importantly, encourage them to realize their full potential. 


The Nomination Process

A call for nominations for individuals who have achieved excellence in their field is extended to the Vancouver College Community biannually. Likewise, Vancouver College Teams that have been recognized for their achievements at the Provincial, National, or International level may be nominated.

From our pool of nominees, including those nominations received in previous years, the Hall of Honour Selection Committee will review and select inductees to be announced in September. Candidates are eligible for induction only if at least five years have passed since their graduation or the end of their service to the community.

Should you have any questions about the process or the Induction Ceremony, please contact us at

Note: We are currently accepting nominations for 2024. The deadline to submit a nomination form is June 30, 2024.