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1947 - 1972

  • After alumni activities were put on hold throughout the Second World War, the Alumni Society is re-initiated through the sponsorship of the “Varsity vs Grad” basketball game.

    Alumni Society President Lou Murphy (VC 1951) revives the traditional Reunion Banquet.



  • President Barry McNeil (VC 1951) organizes an Alumni newsletter for graduates to stay in touch, a dinner dance and bingo night held jointly with Little Flower Academy alumnae, as well as a Homecoming football game.



  • President: Mike Giroday (VC 1950)



  • The Alumni Society, under President Mike Giroday (VC 1950), organizes the Vancouver College’s 40th Anniversary Banquet in the school’s Gymnasium. A dinner is catered for 400 “old boys” of the school, with special guests including Brothers Keane, Cunningham, Penny, Bates and Walsh, all former Principals.

    Ernie Felton (VC 1933) succeeds Mike Giroday as President.



  • President: Leo Mulhern (VC 1949)



  • President: Jim Lipp (VC 1933)



  • President: William Lynch (VC 1951)



  • President: Dave Steele (VC 1955)



  • President: John Brown (VC 1950)



  • The Alumni Association hosts two days worth of celebrations to honour the 50th Anniversary of the school. The weekend consists of a Friday evening reception at the school, attended by nearly 600 former students, Christian Brothers, and teachers, followed the next morning by a mass and luncheon. The grand finale of the weekend is a Saturday evening banquet at the Hotel Vancouver, attended by nearly 1,000 guests.